The Idea

The idea originates from an university student attending the Erasmus Project in Tarragona, who realized a video-reportage based on stories of italians who emigrated in Spain, precisely in the Catalonia region, between the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona. The desire to interview other countrymen and gather their direct experience is fulfilled through the developement of a web 2.0 like platform based on sharing video on the internet.

The Premise

The creators of the project are not linked to any association, political party, foundation or movement. They are ex university student who believe in the potential of the web and internet as an instrument for sharing stories and experiences. The video interviews will not be censored, unless they violate our requirements and terms of agreement, and will explain the reasons why italian people decide to leave their own country. It may happen to listen to people who feel resentment or hostility towards Italy, and other who miss their homecountry instead. This shows how everyone of them reacts differently in dealing with their own life experiences.

The Objective

The project, entirely no profit, intends to give voice and space to any italian who is living abroad and has an interest in sharing his story as a modern emigrant, to explain why they choose to travel in a new country. Considering the drain of neo-graduates and labour force who are choosing more and more often to emigrate in foreign countries, the number of our countymen who reside outside of Italy (3.912.767) is more or less equal to that of foreign citizens that reside in our country (3.891.295), data supplied by the 'Report on Italians from the World 2009', realized by the Migrantes foundation.

The Result

The stories will show the hardships that people can come across to adapt to a new and different culture, language and lifestile, and at the same time will show the feeling that our countrymen share towards Italy, thus creating a feedback between those who live abroad and those who still reside in our conutry, making the latters more aware of a phenomenon which deeply belongs to the present time, and does not concern only the past anymore.